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Past IPBIS Events

Five hundred delegates from 21 countries attended the Fourth International Conference  on Brain Injury which took place in September 2022 at the iconic New Yorker Hotel in MidTown Manhattan, New York.  Delegates were welcomed to the conference organised by the International Paediatric Brain Injury Society (IPBIS) and the North American Brain Injury Society (NABIS), by Conference Chair Ronald Savage (USA) and Co-Chairs Roberta DePompei (USA), Beth Wicks (UK) and Brian Greenwald (USA).

Progress in the field of paediatric brain injury has continued at a pace despite the pandemic, and there was much to discuss at this first face-to-face IPBIS conference in four years.  The multidisciplinary event had a broad programme spanning research studies to practical and applied techniques for improving outcomes for children and young adults with brain injury.  As well as pre-conference courses, keynote lectures and invited talks, participants shared their work through a peer-reviewed abstract process as oral presentations and posters.

The Conference Report can be reviewed by clicking here. Fourth Annual Conference Report

Riddel Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was the setting for the Third International Conference on Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) held in 2018. With the theme ‘promoting well-being in children and young people with ABI and their families’, the conference was attended by over 270 physicians, allied health professionals, educators, social workers and legal professionals from many countries worldwide.

The focus of the conference was the development of new assessment tools, innovative therapies and devices, rehabilitation programmes, teaching strategies, psychological and social support, increasing the potential for recovery in young people affected by brain injury and giving, at the same time, support to the families.

Rome, Italy was the setting for the Second International Conference on Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) held in 2017. Over 400 delegates including physicians, allied health professionals, educators, social workers and legal professionals, attended the conference from 43 countries, to look at new strategies for improving the outcome and quality of life for children and young people (CYP) with ABI. Mariella Enoc (Italy) President, Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital, Rome said:” Our hospital has innovation as one of its key values; we really need innovation because the children need it”.

The First International Conference on Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool, United Kingdom on 16-18 September 2015. This was the first global event that brought together all those involved in the identification, treatment and prevention of brain injury of children, adolescents, and young adults.

The theme of the conference was “Supporting Young People and Their Families to Maximise Good Outcomes and Quality of Life.” The scientific aim of the conference was to explore current and innovative treatments, rehabilitation programmes, support mechanisms, and ways to improve the lives and potential of these young people and their families. The conference programme sought to be all inclusive of issues relating to every aspect of brain injury, both traumatic (i.e., external physical force injuries, penetrating injuries) and atraumatic (i.e., infectious diseases, tumours, stroke, neurotoxic poisonings).