PINK Concussions is the FIRST non-profit organization to focus on female brain injury


6th September, 2018 "For Women and Girls, PINK Concussions fosters community with Facebook support groups, meet-ups and, hopefully, future retreats. "

PINK Concussions is the FIRST non-profit organization to focus on female brain injury, including concussions from sport, domestic violence, accidents or military service. PINK Concussion's mission is to educate the general public as well as civilian and military medical professionals on the sex and gender differences in female brain injury in order to improve the pre-injury education and post-injury care and support for women and girls.

To fulfill our mission in the medical and scientific communities, PINK Concussions organizes international conferences of brain injury experts and researchers to share data and further scientific discovery. Through our summits, press and awards, we are stimulating and inspiring brain injury research with sex and gender considerations, as well as inspiring women to pledge to donate their brains to brain banks via #PINKBrainPledge

PINK raises awareness in current new research on female brain injury and female experience of brain injury via all forms of traditional and social media at local, state, national, and international levels. We created the hashtag #pinkTBI to rally the general public and the scientific community on all platforms of social media. We now have over 2,400+ women and girls in our online support groups and we are involved in research projects as well as outreach presenting at medical conferences and community events. With our new campaign the #PINKBrainPledge, we are partnered with the VA to recruiting women (civilian and veteran) to pledge their brains for the VA’s National PTSD Brain Brain.

PINK Concussions Summits

In the past two years, PINK Concussions has organized four International PINK Concussions Summits on Female Brain Injury where top experts in their fields present brain injury research with a focus on sex/gender differences in sport, military, domestic violence and accident data.

Over the course of these four summits, 103 experts have presented research on the differences between brain injury in females and males as well as 62 scientific posters were displayed. Over 500 participants have attended these four summits and in addition thousands of people have been reached via social media. Ten PINK Concussions Leadership Awards have been awarded to promising young researchers, groundbreaking advocates, and innovative civilian and military medical providers.

With a focus on sports research, PINK 1 was hosted by Georgetown University School of Medicine and Medical Center, in February 2016. PINK 2 was hosted by Palo Alto VA Healthcare System in October 2016, with a focus on research from the military and Department of Veterans Affairs.

PINK 3 was hosted by the International Brain Injury Association’s  World Congress on Brain Injury in New Orleans in April 2017. Presentations varied from brain injury in military and domestic violence settings; assessment and diagnosis of migraine; minority women and brain Injury; to sexual functioning, desire, and satisfaction in women with TBI.

Paediatric concussion continues to stimulate much debate, with a large variation of guidance available, particularly within schools and relating to sports.  The problem is amplified because of the lack of objective biomarkers which hinders the identification of the underlying changes that may be ongoing following a mild head injury.    

And the 4th PINK Concussions Summit - PINK 4 - was held in Rome, Italy, on Sept 13, 2017. As the first ever pediatric female brain injury summit, the research presented at this summit focused on girls and young women under the age of 25, as well as spotlighting post-concussion syndrome in females from an international prospective. The summit was hosted by the International Paediatric Brain Injury Society as a post-conference summit at the 2nd International Conference on Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury.

The 5th PINK Concussions Summit on Female Brain Injury - PINK 5 Houston - will be hosted by the North American Brain Injury Society 31st Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury. PINK 5 will be held on Friday, March 16, as a full day track and features top experts presenting evidenced-based research on sex and gender differences in female brain injury, as well as panels of female patients sharing their lived experience of brain injury, including concussions, from sport, domestic violence, accidents or military service. These women and teens will share sound bites of their journey to illustrate key points and truly translate the learning objectives and scientific research into clinical practice.

Articles featuring PINK Concussions have appeared in over 450 worldwide newspapers such as STAT, ESPN, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, The Washington Post as well as HEALTH Magazine and Brain Injury Association of America BIAA Magazine, Neurology Advisor , The AP News Wire Article on PINK, and Marie Claire.

For Women and Girls, PINK Concussions fosters community with Facebook support groups, meet-ups and, hopefully, future retreats. Over 2,400+ members are now actively engaged in our online support groups for women, teens and caregivers and medical professionals. All groups are free and moderated by founder and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Katherine Snedaker. 


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