The SARAH Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals


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The SARAH Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals, an international reference in the fields of Neurological, Neuropsychological e Orthopedic Rehabilitation, comprises nine hospitals throughout Brazil, in Brasília, São Luis, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Belém, and Macapá.

It is a fully federally-funded institution, privately run by a nonprofit organization. There is no charge for services at SARAH, which receives over 1.6 million patients annually and offers programs for rehabilitation of motor, cognitive, and language function. The Institution performs over 400,000 medical consults, 1.2 million diagnostic exams and 11,000 surgical procedures annually. Independently assessed patient satisfaction hovers at 98%. The quality of care is evidenced by the low nosocomial infection rates. SARAH was among the first centers to include the family in the rehabilitation of the child with brain injury. This family-centered methodology was proven effective through peer-reviewed evidence-based studies. It is also committed to research in neuroscience focused on the changes in structural and functional brain connectivity brought about by rehabilitation.

SARAH is dedicated to promoting continuing education and training for all of its professionals also offering research programs. In addition to numerous ongoing alliances with Brazilian institutions, SARAH has exchange programs over the world, in countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, United States, receiving students, interns, and professionals.

The SARAH Network is guided by strong humanistic philosophical principles. One of these tenets is the active participation of the patient and family not only in the rehabilitation process, but also in establishing, attaining, assessing, and periodically updating the treatment goals. The institution shares IPBIS’s mission of promoting knowledge, bridging cultures and countries, and strengthening ways of delivering the best rehabilitative care to children all over the world.

by Dr Lucia Braga "Dr. Braga is currently president of the SARAH Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals, a member of the SARAH Board of Governors and founder of its Neuroscience Research centers in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. "



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