Guidance for the Post-Discharge Rehabilitation of Children, Adolescents & Young Adults with Acquired Brain Injury – ‘Toolbox’ Launched on 26th September 2018 in Belfast at the Third International Conference on Paediatric Brain Injury. Updated


THE TOOLBOX WILL BE LIVE FOR ACCESS FROM THURSDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER 2018 now updated with 2018-2019 and live online at 2021

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  • This ‘toolbox’, instigated by the International Paediatric Brain Injury Society (IPBIS), and produced together with The Eden Dora Trust for Children with Encephalitis, was launched at the Third International Conference on Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury in Belfast.

    The toolbox contains an overview of a wide range of tools and programmes for use by professionals. The majority of the toolbox contents are free to use, with web addresses and/or contact details provided so that further information can be obtained.
    The TOOLBOX can be accessed here:

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