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 Unmasking Brain Injury KIDS is a part of the worldwide awareness and advocacy project, Unmasking Brain Injury. The mission of Unmasking Brain Injury is to promote awareness of the prevalence of brain injury; to give survivors a voice and the means to educate others of what it’s like to live with a brain injury; to show others that persons living with a disability due to their brain injury are like anyone else, deserving dignity, respect, compassion and the opportunity to prove their values as citizens in their respective communities.  

The goals of Unmasking Brain Injury KIDS are to enable children and young people who have experienced a brain injury:

1. To identify feelings associated with their brain injury

2. To translate these feelings into shapes, colors or images onto a paper mask outlines or a papier mâché mask

3. To increase awareness of the impacts and prevalence of paediatric brain injury

IPBIS has liaised with those responsible for the Unmasking Brain Injury project to produce guidance for those working or living with children and young people with ABI so that they also can participate in Unmasking Brain Injury KIDS. We now aim to get many submissions from young people around the world to participate in this programme and all the created masks will be displayed digitally at the upcoming 5th Biennial International Conference on Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury that will be held in Glasgow, Scotland (18-21 September, 2024).

To get involved with this amazing project, view the guidance here